UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


Need Help?

This page lists departmental services provided to students. Some key roles - from your perspective - are discussed here.

Personal Tutor

The first port of call should be to your personal tutor.

You should meet regularly with your Personal Tutor to discuss your progress through your degree and other matters, be they academic or personal. Meet once a term, at a minimum. 

Staff contact details.

You are welcome to contact your personal tutor via e-mail, phone, and personal meeting. Appointments are preferred for regular meetings, though we operate an open-door policy for our students.

Personal tutors are your first point of contact regarding academic and personal issues. Importantly, your Personal Tutor is someone you can turn to in a crisis. If they can't help, they'll point you to people who can. You're not on your own, no matter what the problem may be.

Undergraduate Tutor

Dr Emma Tobin is the Undergraduate Tutor. Dr Brian Balmer is the Deputy Undergraduate Tutor.

The Undergraduate Tutor has responsibility for the day-to-day and term-to-term operation of the undergraduate degree programmes: from registering you for courses each year and tracking your progress, to offering advice on academic issues past the advice offered by personal tutors. Notes from the Undergraduate Tutor are provided here; and the STS Student Handbook is available here.

The undergraduate tutor is your next point of contact regarding administrative issues. Questions about your degree? Need advice on courses for next year? Want to change your degree? Questions about college procedures? If your personal tutor is not available, talk with the undergraduate tutor.

Departmental Administrator

Ms Lori Coletti Campbell is Departmental Manager. She manages the day-to-day business of the department, including correspondence, finances, academic and student administration, record keeping, and support to all departmental committees.

Our professional services team manage the Academic Administration. They are responsible for day-to-day problem solving for undergraduates when it comes to administrative matters.

The administrative staff can help you locate official forms and departmental records. They also liase with the Examinations Section of the College, and should be consulted regarding examinations information.

Before contacting the Administrative staff on administrative matters, ensure you have attempted the following routes, where appropriate:

  • examined the UCL Student Handbook, STS notes for guidance, and other STS Web pages for advice 
  • consulted your course tutor or personal tutor 
  • consulted the Undergraduate Tutor 

Careers Officer

What are you planning to do after your degree in STS? What are your options? Discuss your future with your Personal Tutor, your fellow students, and our Careers Officers: 

These tutors coordinate the Department's careers activities. One of the resources they'll suggest is the UCL Careers Office. Others resources are posted in the STS Common Room.

Faculty Tutor and Dean of Students

STS is part of UCL's Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS). Dr Caroline Essex is the MAPS Faculty Tutor. She supervises our management of the undergraduate programmes. Consult her on academic matters if you have concerns you do not care to discuss with STS staff. The Faculty Tutor makes decisions on student progression. You will need an appointment to see Dr. Essex. Her contact details can be found here.

Dr Ruth Siddall is UCL's Dean of Students. The Dean of Students (Welfare) has overall responsibility for student welfare, and he can be consulted for non-academic matters. For further information and contact details see here.

Head of Department

Professor Joe Cain is Head of Department. He manages the staff and supervises all departmental activities: our courses, budgets, and operations. Prof Cain also chairs the Department Committee. The buck stops with him, so if there is any matter that you cannot resolve though your tutors, he is STS's final recourse.