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PhD students (directory)

This is a directory for Web pages produced by research students in STS. Student can update this list by sending an e-mail to sts@ucl.ac.uk

PhD programme

Current MPhil/PhD students

student subject
Aparicio De Narvaez, Alberto
Synthetic Biology regarding policies and scientific practices that have shaped its development and impact.
Anzures, Tonatiuh Scientific migration and the brain drain in Mexico
Bouwers, Marjolein “My word is my bond” – The distribution of responsibility in electronic trading
Boyle, Alison Modern Physics in the Museum
Campbell, Chris
The periodic table as an Icon
Cecil, Katherine Exploring women's epistemic practices in science
Chu, Huiping
Sci-art practice in museums in the UK and China
Cole, Rupert
The Royal Institution and science communication in the post-war period
Elton, Julia Nineteenth-century lighthouse engineering practice in France, Scotland and England and its international impact.
Friend, Toby
Laws of nature as analysans for causation
Harrison, Sadie Fashions of Knowledge: Textiles, Costume and Natural Philosophy 1600-1800
Iorizzo, Dolores
Bacon's Medical Philosophy and Early Royal Society Experiments
Jones, Elizabeth
The Development of Ancient DNA Research
Jones, Erika Making the Oceans Visible: Science and
Technology on the Challenger Expedition
Jubber, Rory Properties, Natural Laws and Necessity
Lawrence, Farrah A Mi'kmaq Cure for Smallpox: Medical Interactions of the Shebucandie Mi'kmaq and white Medical Communities 1861-1872

Lloyd, Hattie

Humphry Davy's audience, 1801-1812
MacKenzie, Hugh
Plato’s relating of cause, mind and form.
Mankoo, Alexander A Sociological Approach to the History of Tear Gas
Marsh, Oliver
Science Enthusiasm In Social Networking
Martin, Rebecca 19th medical models
O'Donnell, Thomas  Women's Medicine and Female Bodies in Medieval Ireland
Peres, Sara Breeding resilience: plant biodiversity and climate change
Pantazakos, Themistoklis Scientific realism under the lens of processual ontology
Quinn Schone, Harry A History of the Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator
Sanchez-Dorado, Julia
The Problems of Representation and Similarity in Contemporary Philosophy of Science: Shared Questions with the Field of Art
Smith, Paul
The impact of the Board of Agriculture/Ministry of Agriculture and the Development Fund on horticultural science, 1910-1925.
Sozudogu, Erman
Practice and Values in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Vanderslott, Samantha Open Innovation Approaches to Neglected Disease Research 
Velho, Raquel
Transport Accessibility and Interdisciplinarity
Ward, Jacob Research Transplanted and Privatised: Post Office/British Telecom
R&D in the Digital and Information Era
Wills, Hannah Charles Blagden and Banksian Science , 1770-1820
Wilson, Jennifer Biography of Kathleen Lonsdale
Zhang, Qinyuan TBC

Completed PhD degrees

These students completed their PhD in the Department, (listings since 2000). Update your link by sending an e-mail to sts@ucl.ac.uk

Recent dissertations are available online (link

Au, Yin Chung 2016 Synthesising heterogeneity: trends of visuality in biological sciences circa 1970s - 2000s
Shan, Yafeng 2016 Exemplarising Science: From Mendel to de Vries
Smallman, Melanie 2016 The impact of 10 years of public dialogue in science 
Magnusson, Kajsa-stina 2015 Nanotechnology
Chou, Ju-Yi 2015 From insiders to outsiders: British homeopathy as a medical reform movement, 1875-1893
Huang, Hsiang-Fu 2015   Commercial and Sublime: popular astronomy lectures in nineteenth-century Britain
Ratcliffe, Steph 2015   Natural Kinds and chemical processes
Nissen, Timothy 2014   Incorporating societal concerns into research and development of security centric technologies
Paskins, Matthew 2014
The Society of Arts and cultures of invention and experiment
Cho, Hyun Sook 2014
Korean BSE protests
Everett, Jonathan 2013 Kantian approaches to the philosophy of science
Vijayan, Shana 2013 Performance Anxiety: The nature of performance management in the NHS under New Labour.
Teira Serrano, David 2011 Impartiality in Clinical Trials
Serpente, Norberto 2011 Cells from Icons to Symbols: Molecularising Cell Biology in the 1980s
Entradas, Marta 2011 Who's for the planets? - An analysis of the 'public for space exploration' and views of practitioners on their 'publics' and public communication.
Morley, Irenie TBC The MMR Controversy
McCabe, Irena 2012 Second Best as Researcher, Second to None as Populariser? The Atmospheric Science of John Tyndall FRS (1820-1893)
Clarke, Brendan 2010 Causation in Medicine
Aicardi, Christine
Harnessing non-modernity: A case study in Artificial Life
Jones, Allan 2010 History of science broadcasting in the BBC
Kroener, Inga 2010 CCTV - A Technology Under the Radar?
Milne, Richard 2009 No Natural Home: Placing the Promise of Biopharming
Priestley, Mark 2008 Logic and the invention of programming languages
Riesch, Hauke 2008 Scientists' views on the scientific method
Ambrosio, Chiara 2007 Iconicity, models and visual metaphors in Pablo Picasso: Creativity, network thinking and visual cognition
Taylor, Georgette 2006 Variations on a theme: Patterns of congruence and divergence among 18th century chemical affinity theories
Washer, Peter 2006 Representations of newly emerging and re-emerging diseases
Godwin, Matthew 2005 Anatomy of the 'Brain Drain' in UK after WW2
Jackson, Catherine 2009 From analysis to synthesis: Organic chemistry in the 19th century
Leung, Danny 2005 Physiological and biological thinking in late nineteenth-century English medicine, with reference to Clifford Allbutt
Lock, Simon Jay 2009 Lost in translations: Discourses, boundaries and legitimacy in the public understanding of science in the UK
Gooneratne, Sakura 2005 White dwarfs: the controversy between Chandrasekhar and Eddington 1930-1936
Stilgoe, Jack 2004 Mobile health risks: attempting a sociology of public science
Marie, Jennifer 2004 The Importance of Place: A History of Genetics in 1930s Britain
Bregman, Leigh 2003 "Snug Little Coteries": A History of Scientific Societies in Early Nineteenth Century Cape Town, 1824-1835
Doubleday, Rob 2003 Corporate uses of "transparency" in GM food controversies
Palmieri, Paolo 2002 Galileo's mathematical philosophy
Waller, John 2001 The Social and Intellectual Origins of Sir Francis Galton’s (1822-1911) Ideas on Heredity and Eugenics
Hedgecoe, Adam 2000 Narratives of geneticization: cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and schizophrenia
pre-2000 PhDs not listed    

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