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STS Trip! War Rooms & Banquetting House 

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War Rooms (clockwise from top-left): an electric cigarette lighter, weather signs, Chiefs of Staff conference room, a wax figure of Churchill on the phone in the Transatlantic Telephone Room.

By Raquel Velho

Continuing our department’s recent trend (having visited Bletchley Park in November), the first sunny weekend of March had us walking around Westminster in the City of London to visit the Churchill War Rooms and Banqueting Hall. Each place holds a fascinating place in British history in general, and in the history of science particularly. 

Wonderments of the Cosmos

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Dr. Andrew Gregory will be giving a talk to the ‘Wonderments of the Cosmos’ research group on Tuesday 18th March, Room 1.02. Malet Place Engineering Building (same building as the Institute of Making), 5pm. The talk will be on ‘How ubiquitous are cosmological questions (and answers)?’ The group is very widely based and the talk will be very accessible.

All welcome.
To attend, please register at: https://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/woc/woc-seminar-series/

STS explores science on a pagan planet

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An Evening with Professor Michael Ruse

Thanks to those who joined us for an evening's discussion with Professor Michael Ruse (Lucycle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University), led by STS's Dr Chiara Ambrosio. Ruse is the author of the new book on James Lovelock, Lynn Margulis, and others involved in developing the Gaia concept. Why does the public find such appeal in the Gaia hypothesis? Why do so many scientists react aggressively (not simply rejecting the view, but adding an unusual layer of invective to their opposition)? Ruse believes there are deeper themes to be found when studying this reception, and there are lessons to learn about the priorities we have in our research.

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