UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


STS Students Take Action

3 April 2013

Every year, we run a course called Action for Global Citizenship HPSC2017A/B. The objective is to get our second-year students to engage with the real world in a different way. Rather than coming to lectures and writing essays, this module asks them to plan and carry out an 'action'. This might be an event, a performance, a thing that they make or build. In the spring term term, our class split into two groups.

One became known as the Global Gardeners. Their mission was to change how we think about urban land and food production through urban gardening. Here's their blog, telling you what they've been up to http://globalgardeners.wordpress.com/.

The other group planned a discussion event and made a video to raise awareness about mental health and tackle the stigma around depression. Have a look at their brilliant film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhbaN2MiZGw