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Thinking About Science: Episode 6

15 February 2013

Episode 6 of Thinking about Science is now available on soundcloud:

From Magnets to MRI: the Computing in-between

In this episode, Christine Aicardi talks to Dr Ivana Drobnjak, of the Centre for Medical Image Computing, UCL, about Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Ivana details what goes on under the hood of an MRI scanner and opens up for us the highly complex, and largely hidden, chain of processes that leads to the visually striking images we are familiar with. She also explains about two different types of MRIs which are currently fast expanding and exciting areas of research, functional MRI and diffusion MRI. The issue of artefacts is discussed - the annoying artefacts that are a nuisance to be dealt with, as well as the intriguing ones that become re-evaluated as useful information.

Dr Ivana Drobnjak
Interviewed by Dr Christine Aicardi, Science and Technology Studies, UCL
Recorded at Science and Technology Studies, UCL by Jo Pearson
Interview Date: 8th February 2013
Music: Andantino in A flat by JN Hummel, recorded by Jo Pearson