UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


Charles Laine: tragedy

23 August 2012

We are terribly sad to announce news of the death of a former student, Mr Charles Laine (2008, History and Philosophy of Science). He was involved in a road accident in August in Thailand, and he died of his injuries.

After graduating from UCL, Charlie completed a teaching course and was following his plan to pay for travelling through teaching. He'd spent the last nine months teaching English at Surattani Rajabhat University in Thailand, and he wrote home to friends saying how thrilled and comfortable he felt to be immersed in new cultures. 

A note from the university in Thailand said, 'He has been loved by all of us, teachers, students and faculty staff here because of his kind, friendly, talkative personality and his sense of humour which always brought smiles to us.'

Charlie made an enormous impression on STS while he studied with us. He was sharp, funny, hard working, and encouraging. He was quick to help others, and he had an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Simply put, he was a joy to have around. The highest compliment we can pay a student when they complete their degree and move into the world is that we'll miss them and wished they could stay a little longer. For Charlie, truer words were never spoken.

Joe Cain

Head of Department