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Chiara mentioned in Faculty dispatch

19 July 2011

Chiara with Guernica

Each year, our Dean announces the MAPS Faculty Teaching Award. Competition always is intense, and STS tutors regularly rate high on the list. This year is no different. 

For 2011, Dr Chiara Ambrosio has been specifically named as "worthy of special mention" (link).

Writing in support of her nomination, one student wrote, "She truly embodies the spirit of the department, to the extent that I do not think many of us could imagine what an education in Science and Technology Studies would be without her."

Another student fills in the details. "Chiara approach to teaching is without doubt inspiring, forget what you thought you knew, open your mind and she takes you on a philosophical journey of discovery. The obvious joy you see in Chiara when she teaches is contagious, she encourages us to think, reason and debate, telling us that there is never a wrong question, she gave us all the confidence to explore and ask."

Congratulations Chiara.

(link) for more about Chiara's research and teaching.