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No Ordinary Space

6 June 2011

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New history book about Grant Museum of Zoology

Joe Cain has published a set of historical notes related to the Grant Museum of Zoology's new location in UCL's Rockefeller building. It's available for free download via the STS Website. (link)

  • Cain, Joe. 2011. No Ordinary Space: A Brief History of the Grant Museum’s new home at University College London (London: UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies).

The aim is to answer a range of basic historical questions that visitors might have about the space, some of the architectural details, and the building's history. This book contributes to the history of science and medicine at University College London (UCL) and University College Hospital (UCH).

An appendix identifies the “twelve apostles” of the old Medical School Library, once honoured by sculptures displayed along the room’s balcony. Who were they? Why were they honoured so? 

Paper copies are available for sale in the museum and via on-line book sellers. Profits support the museum.

The biographies also are available in a separate fact sheet available at the museum and via the STS Website (link).

New series published by the Department

This volume is number 1 of a new series, STS Occasional Papers, produced by the department. For more information about the series:

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