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Bee Fayre a Success!

10 March 2011

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On 8th March students taking the Action For Global Citizenship (HPSC2017) module in the Science and Technology Studies Department took to UCL’s South Cloisters to provide nourishment of both the edible and intellectual type to the unsuspecting members of UCL passing through.

The idea behind the Fayre was to raise awareness about the current worldwide decline in bee population and the effects that it will have on the worldwide ecosystem and its effect to the individual. Baiting the passersby by offering “free cake” the students hooked in keen participants who were then challenged to answer six questions to earn their treat. By stopping off at each of the half-dozen stalls passers by learned the answers to six questions about bees and found out what they could do about the situation. Some were perturbed by the idea of having to work for their cake but the friendly determination of the STS students and the beautiful homemade cakes on offer encouraged them to complete the quiz. Overall participants seemed glad to have partaken, not only becasue they were rewarded with cake but also for the information they had gained about this worthy cause.

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The Action For Global Citizenship students have been working together raising awareness about the bees’ plight since the start of term. They are not finished yet, on Thursday, March 10th, they are putting on a free screening of the critically acclaimed Vanishing of the Bees documentary, narrated by Ellen Page. The film will be followed by a question and answer session with bee expert Mark Brown from Royal Holloway University of London. The screening is free and open to all members of UCL and the public. If you are interested in attending the event kicks off at 6.30pm in Bentham House Seminar Room 3. There is a facebook event that you can use to invite your friends to, which can be found here: http://on.fb.me/hojlbL.

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Rob Hakimian & Jo Pearson.