UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


new modules for next session

20 January 2011

students in library

Undergraduate programmes in STS continue to grow. We're already planning for the next session, beginning in September 2011.

Students can look forward to new modules, including: 

  • HPSC2022 Philosophy of Social Science (Tobin)
  • HPSC2023 Sociology of Science and Technology (staff)
  • HPSC3029 Medicine, Disease, and History (MacLehose)
  • HPSC3030 Science and Global History (MacLehose)
  • HPSC3031 Philosophy of Chemistry (Tobin)
  • HPSC3032 Investigating Contemporary Science (Agar)

Also, several courses will have title changes, including:

  • HPSCM002 becomes "Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies"
  • HPSC2007 becomes "History of Chemistry"
  • HPSC3006 becomes "Advanced Sociology of Science"

We also launch a new Masters-level course

  • HPSCGA20 Science, Technology and Medicine across Medieval Worlds (MacLehose)

For a catalogue of all HPSC modules and syllabi (link).