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STS Research Day 2014

27 May 2014

STS Research Day will take place on Wednesday May 28, 2014 from 9.45 am to 5.00pm in Room B02, Chandler House, 2, Wakefield St. There will be a variety of presentations from staff, PhD students and Honorary Research Fellows of the Department. Topics range between the history, philosophy and social studies of science. All welcome.


9.50 – Introduction from Simon Werrett

10.00 - Carole Reeves (STS Staff) “Tuberculomucin: a forgotten treatment for tuberculosis.”

10.20 - Jon Agar (STS staff) “Money, gifts, information, radium and blood.”

10.40 - Phyllis Ilarii (STS staff) “Understanding mechanistic explanations.”

11.00 - coffee

11.20 - Raquel Velho (STS PhD) “Wheels on the Bus: investigating sociotechnical systems in London.”

11.40 - Erman Sozudogru (STS PhD) “How to be a good pluralist?”

12.00 - Rupert Cole (STS PhD) “‘The Succession’: how George Porter became director of the Royal Institution.”

12.20 – LUNCH

1.20 - Stephanie Eichberg (STS staff) “Chloroform cries, sham-rage and pseudoaffective states: the 'psychology' of reflex action.”

1.40 - Michael Buttolph (HRA) “The Great Train Crash of 1866.”

2.00 - Julia Sánchez Dorado (STS PhD) “The problems of representation and similarity in contemporary philosophy of science: shared questions with the field of art.”

2.20 - Yin Chung Au (STS PhD) “Synthesising heterogeneity: biological mechanism diagrams since the 80s”

2.40 – TEA

3.00 - Peter Morris (Science Museum, HRA) “Form and Function: The History of the Chemical Laboratory, 1600-2000.”

3.20 - Thomas Rose, (Muenster University of Applied Sciences, HRA), “The Foundation of the TUC's Scientific Advisory Committee in 1937 - fruit and seed of lifelong misunderstanding.”

3.40 – short break

3.45 - Lauren Hutchinson (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, HRA) “Visions of malaria research from Kenyan biomedical scientists in the 1970s: issues of national identity and nation building”

4.05 - Robert Bud (Science Museum, HRA) “Competing for science in the interwar public sphere”

4.25 - Michael Guida (University of Sussex, HRA) “Sonic therapy for the nerves before the First World War”

4.45 – General discussion of research

5.00 - Finish

Detailed directions to Chandler House may be found here:

Chandler House is located in Wakefield Street, about 500m south of King's Cross and St. Pancras stations.

Chandler House is at 2 Wakefield Street London WC1N 1PF

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