UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


STS scores 100% NSS overall satisfaction AGAIN!

9 August 2017


For the third time in five years, STS has received a perfect score on the National Student Survey, receiving 100% overall satisfaction from students completing their degree in 2017. This is the highest result in their Faculty and one of the highest results across the whole of UCL. Though critics (including academics in STS) urge caution when interpreting these results, this survey is used in the Higher Education sector as a general performance indicator.

Professor Joe Cain is STS Head of Department. He is full of praise for his colleagues. "I think STS has some of the strongest teaching and learning underway at UCL. There is a special kind of energy and enthusiasm here that fires up students. They come alive, and they find deep and lasting value in what we do together. Top scores like this are a pat-on-the-back for our teaching community - both academics and administrators. These people put huge amounts of effort into their work, and it shows."

STS has one of the top results for UCL in 2017. However, Professor Cain is not complacent. "The data also highlights areas where we have more work to do. Each year, STS analyses the NSS data and considers solutions to issues raised. We have a lot of improvements ongoing. We always look for more. Surveys like NSS are one way we gather information on these lines. We have many others, including simply talking with students and listening to their concerns, day after day, term after term. There's no trick here: we listen; we use our experience to diagnose; we problem solve. In the end, everybody remembers a great teacher. We want everyone coming to UCL to remember STS."

UCL's notes on NSS2017 are here.