Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD


HPSC Modules

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) offers modules in history of science, philosophy of science, science policy, and science communication. We use the prefix HPSC. Teaching underpinned by UCL-leading NSS scores.

STS offers over one hundred modules in our full catalogue. Not every module is taught every year. STS Module Catalogues are published annually. They list modules we plan to offer in the upcoming academic session and the term in which we expect to teach them.

STS students are actively engaged far beyond traditional sit-and-listen lectures

STS Undergraduate Module Catalogue 2019-20

List of HPSC undergraduate modules for 2019-20 session

Postgraduate students are welcomed into our professional community

STS Postgraduate Module Catalogue 2019-20

List of HPSC postgraduate taught modules for 2019-20 session

Feel free to contact module tutors to discuss details. For timetabling information, UCL asks us not to list timetable and room information. This is to avoid confusion should rooms and times change. Use UCL Timetable to locate this information. Portico sometimes has out-of-date information, so if you cannot locate module information, simply contact STS Reception. We normally can answer your questions quickly and easily (email sts@ucl.ac.uk or phone 0207 679 1324).

Searching for a Module Syllabus?

The "syllabus" for a module offers the instruction manual for a class. It includes aims and objectives, lecture schedule, assignments, and readling lists. STS maintains a library of syllabi for past offers of our modules. This is meant to guide students on module selection. However, remember, tutors review module syllabi on a regular basis and updates can be expected. Use this library for guidance purposes only.

Module Introduction Videos

In 2018 we filmed a series of videos with our teaching staff. Looking for an introduction to what each module covers? Interested in the kind of material and assessment you'll encouter? You can watch the 2018 videos here - be aware that some details may change for 2019 teaching.

STS Module Videos - Youtube Playlist