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Bloomsbury People

The Foundling Hospital

Do your ancestors have Bloomsbury (London) connections? If so, we’d like your help in creating an archive of 19th century literary, medical and scientific Bloomsbury (1800-1904), a period which saw its metamorphosis from swampy rubbish-dump to centre of intellectual life.

The Leverhulme-funded Bloomsbury Project is a University College initiative that will trace the foundations of many diverse local institutions including Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Foundling Hospital, the British Museum Round Reading Room, the Swedenborg Society and Mudie’s Circulating Library. It will also feature many of the individuals who made significant contributions to learning in the area. A website is being developed and will be added to as the project progresses over three years: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/bloomsbury-project/

However, I'm also keen to receive information about the ordinary professional and working people of Bloomsbury - the writers, journalists, publishers, librarians, hospital employees, doctors, dentists, scientists - who contributed to this increasingly vibrant and unique area of London. Bloomsbury is defined as the area of cental London bounded by Euston Road (north), Gray's Inn Road (east), New Oxford Street / High Holborn (south) and Tottenham Court Road (west).

I’ve established a blog that will enable family historians to share details of their Bloomsbury ancestors: www.bloomsburypeople.blogspot.com