UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


PhD supervisions

This page provides information for those interested in PhD research under my supervision. Applications for new students are welcome; please discuss proposals well in advance of submitting an application.

current supervisions

Student Supervision Link
Rebecca Martin 1st Martin
Farrah Lawrence 1st Lawrence
Paul Ranford  2nd Ranford
Alison Boyle 2nd  Boyle
John Van Laun 1st Van Laun

completed supervisions

Student Completion Thesis
Elizabeth Dobson Jones 2017 Jones
Jennifer Wilson 2017 Wilson
Dr Yin Chung Au 2016 Au
Dr Hsiang-Fu Huang 2015 Huang
Dr David Tiera Serrano 2011  
Dr Norberto Serpente 2011  
Dr Christine Aicardi 2010  
Dr Allan Jones 2010  
Dr Louise Jarvis 2009  
Dr Jennifer Marie 2004  
Dr Leigh Bregman 2003  
Dr John Waller 2001