UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


Ad hoc reading group (history and philosophy of chemistry)

"Different forms of wax explored in the Ad Hoc session of February 2014 at UCL's Institute of Making".

Ad hoc is a reading group in the history and philosophy of Chemistry hosted by STS at UCL. This group has been running for several years and has a number of regular attendees. It is the sister reading group of Ad Hoc Cambridge. Both groups are grateful for the financial assistance of SHAC. 

In 2013/2014 Ah Hoc London will be held on the first Monday of the month at 6p.m. at UCL. The local organisers are Simon WerrettEmma Tobin,and Chiara Ambrosio. Please contact us for more details. 

The theme for this year is MATERIAL HISTORY, asking how to make materials more central in our accounts of the history and philosophy of the sciences. In 2014 we are discussing the history of material properties in a series of multidisciplinary seminars. The January meeting explored SLIMINESS and the February meeting examined WAXINESS. The subject of the March meeting is SPICINESS.