UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies is an interdisciplinary centre for the integrated study of science's history, philosophy, sociology, communication and policy, located in the heart of London. Founded in 1921. Award winning for teaching and research, plus for our public engagement programme. Rated as outstanding by students at every level.

At UCL, the academic mission is paramount. Our ambition is to achieve the highest standards in our teaching and research.

Join us for BSc, MSc, and PhD study.

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Contact details

Dr Brendan Clarke

Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Medicine, Department of Science and Technology Studies, University College London

0207 679 7132

Integrated BScs

BSc (Integrated) Medical Sciences with History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
BSc (Integrated) Medical Sciences with Policy, Communication, and Ethics

Change your game

"I came here to think, to explore, to research. All I seem to do is memorise and regurgitate."

We hear this a lot when we meet students in the early years of their medical programme. To be sure, the core of medicine is hard work and it has to be done properly. At the same time, your degree doesn't have to stop there. The intercalated year offers a chance to complement your studies with something different. We've designed our two iBSc programmes to push you in other directions.

Two degrees of freedom

History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine Policy, Communication, and Ethics

Explore the origins and evolution of science, medicine, and technology, especialy intercultural interactions. Think critically about fundamentals in scientific methods, evidence, and metaphysics.

Compulsory modules: 

1. History of Medicine

2. Disease in History

3. Philosophy of Medicine

4. Research Project

Also, take three option modules in our HPSM catalogue.

Contemporary focus with attention devoted to (a) science policy, governance, and ethics (b) sociology of science and medicine.

Compulsory modules: 

1. Investigating Contemporary Science

2. Science and Ethics

3. Research Project

Also, take four option modules in our PCE catalogue.

2015-16 HPSM programme (catalogue) 2015-16 PCE programme (catalogue)

About us

Department of Science and Technology Studies

We are a closely-knit research and teaching department within the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MAPS). We have 18 core academic staff, with award-winning teaching and an award-winning programme in public engagement, with a student common room and offices in 22 Gordon Square. 

Both NSS2013 and NSS2014 results note 100% overall student satisfaction. We use a wide variety of teaching and assessment methods, appropriate to the task, and we promote independent, student-led research. Our intercalated degree sits within an dynamic BSc teaching programme that includes two unique single-honours BSc degrees, a stream within UCL’s Natural Sciences degrees, and major contributions to UCL Human Sciences and UCL Arts and Sciences. This combines with MSc and PhD programmes. 

Our student-to-staff ratio for BSc+iBSc students is 4:1 (2014-15).

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