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HPSC Modules 2017-18

HPSC is the prefix we use for modules taught by STS. This page provides information about our modules.


  • STS Undergraduate Module Catalogue 2017-18 - Which modules are on offer in the 2017-18 session? Who is teaching them? What is the assessment? This should be your first destination when choosing your modules.
  • STS Undergraduate Module Syllabus Library - What does a module require? STS preserves an archive of documents for our modules. Use these as a guide for the scope and purpose of the module. Please be aware that tutors often change syllabi, adapting them to new information and responding to student feedback.


Full List of HPSC Modules

The modules we teach use the prefix "HPSC". This is a legacy from the time when the department taught only modules in history and philosophy of science.

HPSC1000 Level 1 Undergraduate
HPSC1001 History of Science: Antiquity to Enlightenment
HPSC1003 Philosophy of Science 1
HPSC1004 Science Policy
HPSC1007 Investigating Science and Society
HPSC1008 Science Communication and Public Engagement
HPSC1010 Revealing Science
HPSC1011 History of Modern Science
HPSC1012 Investigating History and Philosophy of Science
HPSC2000 Level 2 Undergraduate
HPSC2001 Policy Issues in the Life Sciences
HPSC2002 Science in Popular Culture
HPSC2003 Philosophy of Science 2
HPSC2006 Science and Ethics
HPSC2008 Human Sciences and Society
HPSC2012 Science and Religion
HPSC2010 Historiography of Science
HPSC2013 Evolution in Science and Culture
HPSC2019 History of Natural Sciences
HPSC2023 Sociology of Science and Technology
HPSC2024 Special Topics in History and Philosophy of Science
HPSC2025 Special Topics in Science and Society: Science in Government
HPSC2026 Science and Empire
HPSC2027 Engaging the Public with Science
HPSC2028 Thinking about Technology
HPSC2029 Medicine and Society
HPSC3000 Level 3 Undergraduate
HPSC3002 Science, Warfare and Peace
HPSC3003 Science Journalism
HPSC3004 Dissertation
HPSC3009 Science and the Publishing Industry
HPSC3011 Science Writing
HPSC3012 Science in the Twentieth Century
HPSC3014 Science in the Age of Newton
HPSC3015 History of Astronomy and Cosmology
HPSC3020 Philosophy of Natural Sciences
HPSC3022 Research-led History and Philosophy of Science
HPSC3024 Research-led Science and Technology Studies
HPSC3026 Research Project (Integrated BSc)
HPSC3028 Philosophy of Medicine
HPSC3029 History of Medicine
HPSC3030 Medieval Science
HPSC3031 Philosophy of Chemistry
HPSC3032 Investigating Contemporary Science
HPSC3033 Science Communication in Digital Environments
HPSC3034 Science, Art and Philosophy
HPSC3035 Major Internship
HPSC3036 Governing Emerging Technologies
HPSC3040 Science, Politics and the State in Russia and the Soviet Union
HPSC3041 Disease in History
HPSC3042 Madness and Society
HPSC3043 History of Social Sciences
HPSC3044 Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences
HPSC3045 Philosophy of Information
HPSC3046 Science and Film Production
HPSC3048 Science in the Ancient World
HPSC3049 Sleep and Dreaming
HPSC3050 Science in Nineteenth-Century London
HPSC3051 Zoos in Science and Culture
HPSC3052 Nature, Technology, and the Environment
HPSC3053 Globalization in Theory and Practice
HPSC3054 Philosophy of Social Science
HPSC3055 Philosophy of Biological Sciences
HPSCGA00 Graduate level - Taught Masters
HPSCGA01 Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
HPSCGA20 Science and Medicine Across Medieval Worlds
HPSCGA21 Science in the Eighteenth Century
HPSCGA22 Early Modern Science
HPSCGA23 Science, Art, and Philosophy
HPSCGA24 Science in the Nineteenth Century
HPSCGA25 Science in Antiquity
HPSCGA26 Models and Facts in Science
HPSCGA27 Causality, Mechanism, and Evidence in Science
HPSCGA28 Knowledge, Explanation, and Classification in Science
HPSCGA29 Disease in History
HPSCGA39 Special Topics Seminar in History and Philosophy of Science
HPSCGA40 Science in the Twentieth Century and Beyond
HPSCGA41 STS Perspectives on Security and War
HPSCGA42 Sociology of Science and Technology
HPSCGA43 Curating Science and Technology
HPSCGA44 Science, Media, and Culture
HPSCGA45 Science Journalism
HPSCGA46 Social Justice, Identity, and Science
HPSCGA47 Responsible Science and Innovation
HPSCGA48 Engaging the Public with Science
HPSCGA49 Science Policy in the Era of Risk and Uncertainty
HPSCGA50 Political Economy of Science
HPSCGA51 Research Methods and Data Analysis in Science and Technology Studies
HPSCGA59 Special Topics Seminar in Science, Technology and Society
HPSCGA91 Diploma Research Review
HPSCGA92 Diploma Practical Project
HPSCGA98 Research Project
HPSCGA99 Dissertation

 Our full module catalogue for STS includes nearly 100 modules. Not every module is taught each year. For instance, we tend to rotate our catalogue of third-year, advanced modules so all staff have a chance to teach in their specialist research interests and so students can focus their attention foray topic we select. To find out about modules, talk with your personal tutor.