Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Street Mobility Project Toolkit

This document contains a number of tools we have developed so that local government and local communities can assess community severance in their area.

The entire Toolkit, including case studies and additional information about the project, can be downloaded here as a single document:

Street Mobility Project Toolkit [pdf]

Individual files

The different tools and other sections of the toolkit can also be downloaded as separate files:

  • Introduction [pdf]
  • What we know [pdf]
  • Participatory mapping [pdf]
  • Health and Neighbourhood Mobility survey [pdf]
  • Video surveys [pdf]
  • Walkability models [pdf]
  • Valuation tool [pdf]
  • Other useful tools (Street audits, Space syntax) [pdf]

Additional resources 

  • Health and Neighbourhood Mobility survey questionnaire [pdf] [word]
  • User guide for analysing the health and neighbourhood mobility survey [pdf]
  • Excel file for data entry and analysis [excel]
  • How to do a survey - A guide for local authorities, voluntary organisations and community groups [pdf]
  • Walkability index scores for administrative areas in London [excel]
  • Valuation tool - Available on request. Please e-mail p.anciaes (at) ucl.ac.uk