UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy


Master's of Public Administration (MPA)

UCL STEaPP's Master of Public Administration (MPA) degrees provide professionals with tools and skills to work at the interface between science, technology, engineering and public policy and change the world for the better

Choose from five specialist areas:

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Science, Engineering and Public Policy (MPA)

Our flexible MPA degree for those who want to lead change and navigate decision making at the intersection of science, engineering and public policy

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Sustainable Infrastructures and Public Policy (MPA)

A specialised Master's degree providing skills and insights for future leaders and decision makers to tackle complex infrastructure challenges

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Urban Innovation and Policy (MPA)

A unique Master's degree for the next generation of innovators in urban development and city leadership

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Development, Technology and Innovation Policy (MPA)

A unique Master's degree for professionals in international development, providing the tools to create innovative sustainable policy for developing countries

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Digital Technologies and Policy (MPA)

This degree prepares future decision makers and technologists to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by today’s fast-evolving digital technologies

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MPA Group Project

Our MPA degrees offer students the opportunity to work on live policy challenges with real-world clients