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ECSEPA Cybersecurity Governance Mapping Project

The Mapping Exercise is an extension of the EPSRC funded project, 'Evaluating Cyber Security Evidence for Policy Advice' (ECSEPA)

It is a five-month project funded through the Research Institute in the Science of Cyber Security (RISCS). In advanced, industrialised states, cyber security policy has proven complex and challenging for a number of reasons. It permeates so many previously distinct issue areas that it is difficult to incorporate into existing governance structures.

Ministerial portfolios change and adapt to reflect emerging connections and to reorganise competencies and responsibilities. But governments struggle with the best way to organise cyber security across and between departmental jurisdictions.

While a comprehensive study of best practice and innovation in public administration would be useful, it is beyond the scope of this call. One useful contribution (and a step forwards), central to the goals of the ECSEPA project, would be a mapping exercise that clearly identifies how cyber is organised within the UK government.

The project seeks to map out the complex, rapidly developing UK cybersecurity policy landscape in order to understand, from an organisational angle, how to optimise effectiveness in governance and efficiency in service delivery. This involves developing clarity about how cyber security is organised within HMG - for example, where cyber security policy is being developed and implemented, how different issue bases interact and coincide, where there is duplication, and where there are gaps.

Project Team

Sneha Dawda
Sneha Dawda
Research Assistant, UCL STEaP

Alex Chung 2018
Dr Alex Chung
Research Associate, UCL STEaPP

Atif Hussain
Atif Hussain
Research Assistant, Coventry University