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Health Innovation and Policy

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The International Public Policy Observatory

Mobilising global knowledge to address the social impacts of COVID-19.

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Burns Rehabilitation

A multidisciplinary programme for burns management, treatment and prevention in low income countries.

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OVERCOME will work to address specific challenges in flood, drought, and related disease risk management through the creation of innovative technological methodologies and applications.

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Medical heritage, green infrastructure and community wellbeing

Exploring how we can use medical heritage to promote community health and wellbeing through engagement with local green space.

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Regulatory Strategies for Targeted Healthcare

Investigating the development of regulatory approaches and frameworks for the manufacture and delivery of advanced biotherapeutics, such as cell and gene therapies.

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REG-MEDTECH: Regulatory and Standardization Challenges for Connected and Intelligent Medical Devices

Investigating the critical cybersecurity, software, algorithmic decision-making challenges posed by connected, intelligent medical devices.

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Violence, Health and Society

How can we reduce the harms to health caused by violence and improve the data that underpins theory, policy and professional practice?

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East Africa-India-UK research collaboration to improve access to cancer care in East Africa

Technology produced in India could be the low-cost solution to address increasing demands for healthcare technology and access in East Africa.

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Local manufacturing of medicines in Africa

How can low and middle-income countries develop and sustain local pharmaceutical manufacturing and allied capabilities in order to contribute to health-secure local and global contexts?

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ICCA: Innovation for Cancer Care in Africa

What are new industry-health sector linkages that can improve cancer care in Kenya and Tanzania?

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Tackling health disparities through social innovation

Tackling health disparities through social innovation: a multi-stakeholder coalition for inclusive health in Brent, London