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Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory

STEaPP's Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory responds to pressing concerns about the future of cities and city leadership in the 21st century

The Lab's work is informed by critical questions for contemporary urbanism: What is the role of innovation and experimentation in cities, to foster sustainable urban development? How can expertise be mobilised to ensure that urban policies are inclusive of local needs? How can urban infrastructures be reconfigured to address climate change, reduce inequality and improve quality of life?

    Selected projects

    • Informal Governance Systems for Disaster Risk Reduction - what is the role of informal systems in tackling disasters? In collaboration with Red Cross and World Bank 
    • Vaccinating the Nexus - can cities learn from crisis? An EPSRC consortium analysing how to learn from shocks to the 'nexus' 
    • Urban Connections - investigating the global role of city leadership in partnership with the UK's ESRC, UN-Habitat and the World Bank
    • Choreographing the City - what can choreographers teach engineers and urban planners about how to curate and design sustainable urban environments?

    For a full list of projects, visit the Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory website

    STEaPP contributors

    For more information about other members of the Lab, please visit the Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory website.

    Cosgrave 2016
    Dr Ellie Cosgrave is the Director of the Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory; she is also Lecturer in Urban Innovation, UCL STEaPP and Lead on Choreographing the City

    Jenny McArthur
    Jenny McArthur
    Lecturer in Urban Infrastructure and Policy

    Washbourne 2016
    Dr Carla-Leanne Washbourne
    Lecturer in Environmental Science and Policy 

    Dr Greg Clark
    Professor Greg Clark
    Visiting Professor 

    Robin 2016
    Enora Robin
    PhD candidate 

    Emilia Smeds
    Emilia Smeds
    PhD candidate

    Asaf Tzachor
    Asaf Tzachor
    DPA candidate 


    • ESRC Economic and Social Research Council
    • EPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
    • UN-Habitat - United Nations Human Settlements Programme
    • C40 Cities
    • The World Bank

    Contact details

    For further information, please contact Dr Ellie Cosgrave.