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The International Public Policy Observatory

Mobilising global knowledge to address the social impacts of COVID-19

About the project

The International Public Policy Observatory (IPPO) aims to mobilise and assess evidence from around the world to inform UK policymakers. Our intent is to contribute to better policymaking and thereby to the wellbeing of UK citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for local and national policymakers and other decision-makers across the UK, who are being asked to make many varied and complex decisions in quick succession.

The range and urgency of evidence they require is continuously growing – and if it’s not easily accessible, this creates yet another hurdle in developing the measures that are needed to help society through the severe and widespread impacts of COVID-19. The research that we do is shaped and framed by numerous and diverse conversations with decision-makers. Those interactions help us to identify important questions and issues that can benefit from rigorous knowledge synthesis, drawing on research and expertise from around the world.

An initiative like IPPO requires a team of people with diverse skills and experience. IPPO brings together people who have worked in policy development and implementing environments together with academic and policy researchers. We are all committed to trying to bridge gaps between research and policy to achieve positive social impact.