UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy


Visiting and honorary staff

Use the links below to contact our visiting and honorary staff

Dr Ben Addley - Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Seleshi Awaulachew - Honorary Professor
Dr John Bingham-Hall - Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Franklin Carrero-Martinez - Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Andrew Chilvers - Honorary Lecturer
Dr Alex Chung - Honorary Lecturer
Professor Greg Clark - Visiting Professor
Dr Jo Dally - Honorary Lecturer
Nicholas Davis - Visiting Professor
Dr Pooran Desai - Visiting Professor
Dr Lean Doody - Honorary Associate Professor
Stephen Elderkin - Honorary Lecturer
Dr Patrick Farfard - Honorary Professor
Dr Kevin Fong - Honorary Professor
Dr Peter Gluckman - Visiting Professor
Professor Sir Robin Grimes - Honorary Professor
Professor Derwen Hinds - Visiting Professor
Dr David Hornsby - Honorary Professor
Richard L. Hudson - Honorary Professor
Mr Alok Jha - Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Rai Kavita - Honorary Lecturer
Dr Amy Lame - Honorary Professor
Dr Feja Lesniewski - Honorary Research Fellow
Luigi Martino - Visiting PhD student
Dr Kira Matus - Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Sarah Main - Honorary Professor
Dr Tim Moonen - Honorary Associate Professor
Mr Oliver Morton - Honorary Professor
James Phillips - Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Professor Roger Pielke Jr. - Honorary Professor
Professor Vicky Pope - Honorary Professor
Dr Elizabeth Rapaport - Honorary Lecturer
Professor Graeme Reid - Chair of Science and Research Policy
Anna Severin - Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Hayaatun Sillem - Honorary Professor
Professor Smita Srinivas - Honorary Professor
Dr Duncan Stewart - Visiting Professor
Dr Pablo Suarez - Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Long Seng To - Honorary Lecturer
Dr Youba Sokona - Honorary Professor
Dr Jesse Sowell - Honorary Lecturer
Dr Tuuka Toivonen - Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Erica Thompson - Honorary Senior Research Fellow 
Dr Kevin Urama - Visiting Professor
Professor Masaru Yarime - Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Bassem Younes - Visiting Professor