UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy


Careers in Digital Technology: Webinar

15 April 2020

The STEaPP MPA Digital Technologies and Policy team hosted a panel webinar on how to navigate through careers in the digital tech and policy space.

Digital globe

The webinar saw four policy experts share their tips on how to stand out to employers and their own experiences in the fast-paced and often challenging line of work. The guests brought a range of professional insight to the session and included Anna Bordon, Thought Leadership and Product Development Manager, Innovation at Lloyd's of London; Eva Blum-Dumontet, Senior Research Officer, Privacy International; Jamie Collier, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Digital Shadows; and Amy Lourenco, Engineering Team Leader, UCL Careers.

Students from the Digital Technologies and Policy course had the opportunity to hear from each of the panellists about their background, career path and details on their current roles. After a short introduction from the panellists, the participants joined smaller breakout groups with each of the panellists to ask more in-depth questions about their chosen career paths and receive personalised advice.

One of the main tips to come out of the session was the importance of transferable skills, especially focusing on the broad skills and knowledge digital technologies and policy graduates can bring to roles. Here are a few tips panellists shared:

  1. Be nice and kind. Try to understand why people behave and respond in certain ways. Always keep in mind how your actions and what you say impact others and how they might feel, Anna Bordon
  2. Carry on the career conversations started in the webinar, use the UCL Alumni Online Community and LinkedIn to get insider information on what it is like to work in digital policy. If you want help, UCL Careers is open for business and here to support you (virtually) now and two years after graduation. Book an appointment on myUCLcareers which will be conducted via teams and look out for our YouTube videos, Amy Lourenco.
  3. Immerse yourself in the community. Don’t shy away from working with technologists and computer scientists . Always be open to learn new things and to ask questions, Jamie Collier.

The event was organised by the course convenors, Dr Leonie Tanczer and Professor Madeline Carr.  It was adapted to a digital format following guidance on distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If this webinar and the general topic of digital technology interests you, you may would like to have a look at the Digital Technologies and Policy (MPA) programme, which offers far more of such unique opportunitites and learning experiences.