UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy


STEaPP Awarded Grant to Enhance Teaching and Learning

1 February 2018

STEaPP received a grant from UCL Arena ChangeMakers to further enhance the learning experience of MPA students.

Teaching and Learning Award

The award titled, Project Based Learning Tools for 21st Century Skills, will allow the Department to pilot an online tool to enable MPA students, tutors and external partners to fully collaborate on group projects.


The MPA programme provides students with the skills and tools to work at the interface between science, technology, engineering and policy. A key element of the  programme is a Client Project that allows students to solve policy problems for real world clients. This project based learning approach enables MPA students to develop multi-disciplinary knowledge and competences such as creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership, social and cultural awareness, and the use of technology.

Commenting on the award, Alan Seatwo, Learning Technologist and Project Lead, said: "We are very delighted to have the opportunity to work with our MPA students in order to develop this  tool. When teams act collaboratively there are great benefits to project productivity. Online collaboration is more prevalent than ever with more projects involving teams based in different locations. The tool is not only fit for learning purposes but the skills developed when using it are transferable and will be an asset after graduation."

Image: Alan Seatwo, Oliviero Iurcovich (Principle Student Lead) and Ebba Engstrom (Principle Student)