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NHS Staff Wellbeing: What works, and the case for investment

17 June 2022, 10:00 am–12:00 pm

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The launch of IPPO's rapid evidence review on NHS staff wellbeing and mental health.

This event is free.

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International Public Policy Observatory (IPPO)

On June 17th, IPPO are set to launch a report on NHS staff wellbeing and mental health, completed by topic and review specialists from UEA, RAND Europe and UCL. Speakers will include Dr Kevin Fong.

The report will include estimates of the financial cost of poor staff wellbeing to the NHS and a rapid evidence review of how organisational-level changes can impact mental health.

The report makes the case for the need to invest in organisational level interventions that change some aspects of staff jobs, such as changed shift patterns and better leadership styles.

This report comes at a time when NHS staff are experiencing an escalating mental health crisis that has seen hospital staff take more than eight million days off sick in the past five years.

During this event, we will:

  • Present findings from the report
  • Hear both from speakers working on the front-line and from experts in the field
  • Discuss the report and its implications in Q&A session

This rapid evidence review forms part of the work of IPPO, which looks at the negative social effects of the pandemic by bringing together the best available information on responses to COVID-19.

Our previous work has focused on online learning, education, social care workers and basic income. Based and led by UCL by Professor Joanna Chataway, with partners across all devolved nations including Professor Chris Taylor at Cardiff University, Professor Muiris MacCarthaigh at Queen’s University Belfast, and Professor Graeme Roy at University of Glasgow, we connect many universities and research centres, including INGSA the global network of government science advisers and the Blavatnik School at Oxford University.