Statistical Science


Statistics for Health Economic Evaluation

Group profile 


The Statistics for Health Economic Evaluation Group, led by Dr Gianluca Baio, is a research group based in the Department of Statistical Science. Our activity revolves around the development and application of Bayesian statistical methodology for health economic evaluation, e.g. cost-effectiveness or cost-utility analysis. 

We work in close collaboration with academics both within UCL and at other institutions, including MRC Biostatistics Unit Cambridge, University of Sheffield and University of Rome, as well as with partners in the private sector. We have received a five-year research grant from Mapi, a consultancy company working in the area of economic evaluation. This creates exciting opportunities to develop new methodologies for problems that are relevant to real, practical applications.

Our activities include a series of seminars aimed at statisticians, health economists and clinicians working in economic evaluations. We also aim at seeking potential areas of commonality with other research groups within the department of Statistical Science and statisticians in general.