Statistical Science


Past Speakers


  • Nov 25: Catherine Matias (Laboratoire de Probabilites et Modeles Aleatoires)  A semiparametric extension of the stochastic block model for longitudinal networks
  • Nov 18: Matt Nunes (Lancaster) Analysis of network time series
  • Oct 22: Long Tran Viet (UCL) A generalization of the Aldous-Hoover theorem
  • Oct 14: Marios Papamichalis (UCL) Information theory on random networks
  • July 22: Arthur Guillaumin (UCL) Correlation theory for random processes and random fields
  • July 08: Harrison Zhou (Yale) Community detection for (degree corrected) block models
  • June 10: Tuomas Rajala (UCL) Spatial point patterns: Intro and  some challenges with large, multitype patterns
  • May 25: Richard Everitt (Reading) Bayesian model comparison with intractable likelihoods
  • May 20: Shaojun Guo (LSE) Conditional dependence in functional graphical models
  • May 04: Yi Yu (Cambridge) Capture the neglected - composite likelihood methods used in network statistics
  • Mar 18: Simon Lunagomez (UCL) Dynamic Network Models with Varying Number of Nodes: A Bayesian Perspective
  • Mar 9: Carey Priebe (Johns Hopkins) Community Detection and Classification in Hierarchical Stochastic Blockmodels
  • Feb 10: Charlotte Dion (Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble LJK and MAP5 Paris) Random effect estimation in mixed stochastic differential model
  • Feb 1: Olga Klopp (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense) Oracle inequalities for network models and sparse graphon estimation
  • Jan 20: Myrsini Katsikatsou (LSE) Pairwise likelihood for Structural Equation Models
  • Jan 13: Richard Fischer (EDF France) Fast adaptive non parametric estimation of maximum entropy densities of order statistics


  • Dec 09: Francois Caron (Oxford) Sparse graphs using exchangeable random measures
  • Nov 25: Vicenzo Nicosia (Queen Mary) Multiplex networks: definition, usage and open questions
  • Nov 18: Petros Dellaportas (UCL) Bayesian hierarchical mixture modelling
  • Oct 28: Thinh Doan (Warwick) Bayesian analysis for multiple climate time series data sets
  • Oct 14: Weichi Wu (UCL) Gradient-based structural change detection for non-stationary time series M-estimation
  • Oct 7: Sandipan Roy (UCL) Change-point Estimation in High-dimensional Markov Random Fields
  • Jul 17: Simon Lunagomez (UCL) Prior Elicitation and Bayesian Inference for Network Data Based on Metrics
  • Jun 3: Ed Cohen (Imperial) Spatial point patterns in super-resolution microscopy
  • May 20: Jakob Runge (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) Causal inference methods for climate time series
  • Apr 29: Helen Ogden (Warwick) Approximating the normalizing constant for graphical models
  • Apr 1: Marios Papamichalis (UCL) Bayesian nonparametric models of sparse and exchangeable random graphs - a presentation of the new theory
  • Mar 25: Aylin Cakiroglu (Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute) ​Data mining electronic health records
  • Mar 18: Tom Bartlett (UCL) Network inference and community detection, based on covariance matrices, correlations and test statistics from arbitrary distribution
  • Mar 11: Mark Fiecas (Warwick) Modeling the Evolution of Neurophysiological Signals
  • Mar 4: Janine Illian (St Andrews) Developing complex spatial models for the real world - a multi-disciplinary symbiosis
  • Feb 18: Endre Csóka (Warwick) Positive graphs
  • Feb 11: James Ridgway (CREST, CEREMADE) PAC-Bayesian AUC classification and scoring
  • Feb 4: Arthur Guillaumin (UCL) Modelling a structured time-varying time series
  • Jan 28: Piers Stobbs (Dunnhumby) Data Science at Dunnhumby – some insights and examples
  • Jan 21: Kara Stevens (Bristol) ​Bayesian wavelet shrinkage of the Haar–Fisz transformed wavelet periodogram with credible intervals


  • Dec 10: Rajen Shah (Cambridge) Goodness of fit tests for high-dimensional linear regression
  • Dec 3: Swati Chandna (UCL)
  • Nov 19: Valerie Isham (UCL)
  • Nov 5: Ioanna Manolopoulou (UCL)
  • Oct 29: Richard Clegg (UCL) and Beate Franke (UCL) Testing for network community structure
  • Oct 22: Sylvain Robbiano (UCL)
  • Oct 15: Ginestra Bianconi (Queen Mary) Average number of loops and cliques in scale-free networks
  • Sep 24: James Martin (UCL) Dependence structures in massive point process Populations: Do rainforests contain communities?
  • Sep 17: Long Tran Viet (Imperial), Yue Hui (UCL)
  • Sep 10: Mladen Kolar (Chicago)
  • Jun 25: Informal lunch
  • Apr 2: Thomas Bartlett (UCL), Beate Franke (UCL), James Martin (UCL)
  • Mar 12: Simon Wallace (UCL), Adam Sykulski (UCL), Pierre-Andre (UCL)
  • Jan 29: Elise Berlinski (Gambit Research) Upper bound for the sleeping expert problem applied to football prediction
  • Jan 22: Mason Porter (Oxford) Cascades and social influence on networks
  • Jan 15: Richard Clegg (UCL) A likelihood based method for analysing evolving graphs


  • Dec 11: Gordon Ross (UCL) Bayesian nonparametric change-point modelling
  • Nov 27: Piotr Fryzlewicz (LSE) Wild Binary Segmentation for multiple change-point detection
  • Oct 30: Beate Franke (UCL) Testing for network community structure
  • Oct 16: Franz Király (UCL) Identification of stationary subspaces and algebraic estimators
  • Jun 14: Patrick Rubin Delanchy (Bristol) Modelling event processes in networks
  • May 31: Ed Cohen (Imperial) Wavelet coherence for stationary and non-stationary processes
  • May 24: Sofia Olhede (UCL) Nonstationary time series
  • May 17: Anton Flügge (UCL) Habitat detection using spatial associations
  • May 3: Patrick Wolfe (UCL) Tutorial on graphs and their use in image processing
  • Apr 19: Bertrand Hasani (Santander) OpRisk or applied extreme value theory
  • Apr 12: Guy Nason (Bristol) A new test of stationarity and localized autocovariance for locally stationary time series
  • Apr 12: David Ramirez (Padeborn) Power-CCA: Maximizing the correlation coefficient between the power of projections
  • Apr 5: Yakir Berchenko (Cambridge) Respondent driven sampling as a counting process
  • Mar 22: Pierre-André Maugis (UCL) Vine copulas: Construction, estimation, selection
  • Mar 15: Sebastian Vollmer (Warwick) Effective MCMC and posterior consistency for (elliptic) Bayesian inverse problems
  • Mar 8: Sofia Olhede (UCL) Modelling and estimation of the covariance of replicated modulated cyclical time series
  • Feb 15: Adam Sykulski (UCL) Modelling timescales and efficient inference for Lagrangian time series
  • Feb 15: Pierre-André Maugis (UCL) Event conditional correlation and linear approximation
  • Feb 1: Patrick Wolfe (UCL) Point process modelling for directed interaction networks
  • Jan 18: Sofia Olhede (UCL) What is a degree distribution?