Statistical Science



  • Dr Tom Bartlett completed his PhD in September 2015. He has been awarded an `EPSRC doctoral prize', a two-year fellowship to remain at UCL statistics working on models of time-varying network structure.
  • Beate Franke is at the Fields institute from January to March 2015 for the Thematic program on Statistical Inference, Learning, and Models for Big Data
  • Beate Franke is giving 2 talks on testing for community network structure. The first is on the 20th March 2015 at McGill University, Montreal, Canada and the second is on the 16th April 2015 at the CABDyN Network Journal Club, Oxford, UK.
  • Dr Adam Sykulski has been awarded a 3 year International Outgoing Fellowship from the EU-funded Marie Curie Research Fellowship Programme. Adam will be developing modelling and estimation procedures for time series and spatiotemporal data, with applications to oceanographic data such as that collected from the Global Drifter Programme. He will spend the first 2 years visiting the US, working closely with oceanographers at NorthWest Research Associates in Seattle. The final year will be spent at the Department of Statistical Science in UCL, collaborating with Professor Sofia Olhede, and the Stochastic Processes Group.
  • Dr Adam Sykulski presented his research to MPs on 17 March 2014, as part of SET for BRITAIN, an initiative of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee to promote early-career research scientists. Adam was one of a select few applicants accepted to present his research to MPs, Lords and other political officials, as well as invited members from industry and senior academics. The research presented detailed recent developments in statistical modelling of ocean surface data, and is joint work with Professor Sofia Olhede at UCL, and Drs Jonathan Lilly and Jeffrey Early at NorthWest Research Associates in Seattle, USA.
  • Tom Bartlett was awarded a UCL Bogue fellowship, to spend Autumn 2013 as a visiting student at Columbia University, New York, U.S.A., with the Pe'er group, working on dynamic network modelling of intra-cellular signalling processes.