Statistical Science


Current PhD Students

Note: email addresses end in @ucl.ac.uk

Name Email
 Topic Principal Supervisor
Mariam Adeleke mariam.adeleke.15   Dr Aidan O'Keeffe
Serhat Akhanli
Analysis and clustering of football player performance data Dr Christian Hennig
William Barcella william.barcella.13
Bayesian nonparametric modelling with medical applications Professor Maria De Iorio
Clair Barnes  clair.barnes.16 Uncertainty quantification in multi-model ensemble forecasting Professor Richard Chandler
Fatima Batool
The use of validation indexes for estimating the number of clusters Dr Christian Hennig
Mai Bui ngoc.bui.13   Dr Yvo Pokern
Marta Campi  marta.campi.15 Topics in non-stationary multivariate basis decompositions and heavy tailed processes Dr Gareth Peters
Jacopo Capra
Portfolio construction with macro views Professor Petros Dellaportas
Rafael Carmo rafael.carmo.13
Network models of longitudinal data Dr Ricardo Silva
Mengyuan Chen mengyuan.chen.17   Dr Jinghao Xue
Pawel Chilinski pawel.chilinski.14   Dr Ricardo Silva
Khalim Conn-Kowlessar
Statistical modelling for customer analytics Dr Giampiero Marra
Chenhao Cui chenhao.cui.14
Statistical methodology for calibrating single kernel spectroscopy Professor Tom Fearn
Antonio Dalessandro antonio.dalessandro.12
Tensor methods for generalised diffusions Dr Gareth Peters
Robinson Dettoni Hidalgo  r.dettoni@ucl.ac.uk Semi-nonparametric estimation of copula regression models Dr Giampiero Marra
Fabio Dias
Statistical classification models for currencies and equity indices Dr Franz Király
Tao Ding tao.ding.11
Health economic evaluation of Polycystic ovary syndrome Dr Gianluca Baio
Mingzhi Dong mingzhi.dong.13
Robust localised learning for classification Dr Jinghao Xue
Michael Duong
Bayesian estimation of correlated multivariate change point configurations Dr Gordon Ross
Javier Espinosa Brito  javier.brito.14 The treatment of ordinal data in multivariate data analysis with application to Chilean poverty data Dr Christian Hennig
Reid Farah reid.farah.11
Risk modeling, portfolio construction and analytics Dr Paul Northrop
Panagiota Filippou panagiota.filippou.12
Estimation of semiparametric trivariate models in the presence of endogeneity and sample selection
Dr Giampiero Marra
Neil Foster
Methods for partially observed stochastic differential equations Dr Alexandros Beskos
Andrea Gabrio
Full Bayesian methods to handle missing data in health economic evaluations Dr Gianluca Baio
Arthur Guillaumin arthur.guillaumin.14
Modeling multiple non-stationary time series Professor Sofia Olhede
Fredrik Hallgren
Big data problems in financial modelling Dr Paul Northrop
Anthony Hatswell anthony.hatswell.13
A modelling framework for estimation of benefit using single arm clinical trials Dr Gianluca Baio
Anna Heath anna.heath.14 Bayesian computations for the expected value of partial information for health economic evaluation using Gaussian processes and INLA Dr Gianluca Baio
Marcel Hirt marcel.hirt.16 Price impact in high frequency markets Professor Petros Dellaportas
Tjun Yee Hoh tjun.hoh.10
Non-parametric inference​ for stochastic differential equations
Dr Yvo Pokern
Zhenzheng Hu  z.hu.17   Dr Ioanna Manolopoulou
Maryam Ilyas maryam.ilyas.14
Novel empirical orthogonal functions for the study of uncertainties in past climate patterns Professor Serge Guillas
Dong Jin dong.jin.13   Dr Jinghao Xue
Peter Kenny peter.kenny.14
Multivariate analysis of X-ray diffraction data for investigating chemical structure and identifying materials
Professor Tom Fearn
Mital Kinderkhedia mital.kinderkhedia.10 Learning representations of graph-structured data Dr Ricardo Silva
Aleksandar Kolev  aleksandar.kolev.15 Hazard modelling and risk quantification Dr Gordon Ross
Sophia Kyriakou sophia.kyriakou.14
Estimation and inference for generalized linear mixed effects models Dr Ioannis Kosmidis
Shawn Lim kai.lim.11   Dr Franz Király
Yurong Ling  yurong.ling.16 Functional imbalanced learning Dr Jinghao Xue
Xiaoke Liu
Classification with high-dimensional data Professor Tom Fearn
Xinyi Liu ucakiuc   Dr Jinghao Xue
Xiaoou Lu
Compositional data analysis and dimension reduction Dr Jinghao Xue
Robson Mariano Machado
Functional forms for transition intensities in multi-state models Dr Ardo van den Hout
Dean Markwick  dean.markwick.15 Bayesian analysis of point processes with applications to finance Dr Gordon Ross
Theodoros Mathikolonis
Multivariate emulation of complex computer models: application to tsunami hazard modelling Professor Serge Guillas
Deyu Ming  deyu.ming.16 Catastrophe bond pricing, structuring and earthquake simulation models Dr Gareth Peters
Marco Molinari marco.molinari.16 Bayesian methods for variable selection and detection of underlying pattern in metabolomics and genomics field Professor Maria De Iorio
Jonathan Murray james.murray.16 Asset allocation methods and portfolio analytics Dr Gareth Peters
Santhosh Narayanan  santhosh.narayanan.16 Stochastic processes for the modelling of event-sequence data in sports Dr Ioannis Kosmidis
Caio Natividade
Financial risk premium based on volatility surface models Dr Paul Northrop
Yin Cheng Ng
Large-scale hierarchical Bayesian modelling Dr Ricardo Silva
Aristeidis Panos
Covariance kernels for big data Professor Petros Dellaportas
Marios Papamichalis
Inference for networks Professor Patrick Wolfe
Istvan Papp istvan.papp.16   Dr Franz Király
James Pitkin j.pitkin.12
Bayesian nonparametric modelling of phenomena in retail analytics
Dr Ioanna Manolopoulou
Spyridon Poulimenos
Bayesian methods in health economics: full Bayesian methods to model utility measures using mixture of distributions Dr Gianluca Baio
Jean-Baptiste Regli
Computational statistics and spatial models Dr Ricardo Silva
Jacobo Roa Vicens jacobo.roa-vicens.16   Dr Ricardo Silva
Taylor Ruan  y.ruan.16 Supervised prediction for heteroscedastic noise and correlated data Professor Richard Chandler
Asma Saleh
Estimation and inference in the presence of nuisance parameters Dr Ioannis Kosmidis
Darius Savory  darius.savory.16 Statistical modelling of extreme ocean environments for marine design Dr Paul Northrop
Iqbal Shamsudheen iqbal.shamsudheen.14
The performance of statistical inference after model checking Dr Christian Hennig
Khadijeh Taiyari
How much data are required to validate a risk model?
Dr Gareth Ambler
Marta Tallarita  m.tallarita   Professor Maria De Iorio
Dorota Toczydlowska dorota.toczydlowska.13 Robust statistics in state space models with functional regression Dr Gareth Peters
Nurul Toha  nurul.toha.15 Kernel methods for time series and functional features Dr Franz Király
Maria Toomik maria.toomik.14
Regularisation approaches to highly structured data Dr Giampiero Marra
Long Tran Viet
Network models Professor Patrick Wolfe
Nikolaos Tsipinakis nikolaos.tsipinakis.14
Regularity and information filtering approaches to uncertainty management Dr Paul Northrop
Alkeos Tsokos
Regression techniques for complex data settings with applications in sport Dr Ioannis Kosmidis
Miguel Valencia Garza m.garza.12
Multi-label learning with hierarchical modelling Dr Jinghao Xue
Victoria Vickerstaff v.vickerstaff
Assessment of the potential and implications of analysing multiple outcomes collected in clinical trials simultaneously using multivariate modelling
Professor Rumana Omar
Guy Vishnia guy.vishnia.12
Limit order book simulation models Dr Gareth Peters
Verena Viskovic verena.viskovic.13
Carbon leakage and how to reach 20-20-20 targets in South-Eastern Europe​ Professor Afzal Siddiqui
Wenyu Wang w.wang.16   Dr Ardo van den Hout
Zhongzhen Wang zhongzhen.wang.16   Professor Petros Dellaportas
Xiaochen Yang  xiaochen.yang.16 Deep imbalanced learning Dr Jinghao Xue
Lifeng Ye  lifeng.ye.13 Bayesian methods for metabonomics Professor Maria De Iorio
Shouto Yonekura  shouto.yonekura.16 Bayesian model selection for diffusion models Dr Alexandros Beskos
Wilbur Zhu wilbur.zhu.16   Dr Franz Király