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Spatial-Temporal Rainfall Modelling with Climate Change Scenarios

Software for download

This page contains links to software that has been developed as part of FD2113 and related projects. Some of this software makes use of other freely-available packages; links to these are also available below.

The software

Description Download instructions
GLIMCLIM - software for modelling and simulation of daily climate sequences at a network of sites, using Generalized Linear Models Go to the GLIMCLIM homepage and follow the instructions there.
Single-site modelling software (not yet available)

This is a zip archive containing all the software necessary to implement the full FD2113 methodology at a single site. Sample data files are also available, to enable users to reproduce the analyses carried out in Project report no. 6.

1st May 2007: Please bear with us! The report and software are almost complete ...

Required packages

Package name and description Notes and download instructions
R - a statistical programming environment Required to fit subdaily rainfall models, and used to produce graphical displays of simulation results. Freely available for a variety of platforms; download from http://www.R-project.org (follow the CRAN link under "Download").
WinBUGS and OpenBUGS - Bayesian analysis using Gibbs Sampling

Required to fit hierarchical models accounting for climate model uncertainty. WinBUGS is currently (effectively) free, although registration is required. OpenBUGS is an open source version. Although OpenBUGS has slightly reduced functionality (add-ons have not been implemented), software developed in FD2113 will run quite happily with either package. Unfortunately however, it can only be used under Windows since, although OpenBUGS has a Linux implementation, the R interface used in our software doesn't yet work under Linux.

Both packages can be downloaded by following the appropriate links at http://www.mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk/bugs/.

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