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Dr Dimitra Salmanidou

PositionResearch Associate
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ThemesComputational Statistics

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Biographical Details

Dimitra completed her PhD studies in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at University College Dublin. Her research focused on the numerical modelling and statistical emulation of landslide induced tsunamis in the Rockall Bank Slide Complex, NE Atlantic Ocean. The work forms the first application of a statistical emulator for the prediction of a realistic but uncertain event and stands in the intersection of geophysics, applied mathematics and statistics. She is currently working as a Research Associate with Prof. Serge Guillas in the Department of Statistics at University College London. Her project is funded by the Model to Decision (M2D) network and focuses on potential landslide induced tsunami hazard on the West coast of India with the aim to aid decision making under uncertainty.

Research Interests

uncertainty quantification, sensitivity analysis, Bayesian calibration, statistical emulators, numerical modelling of submarine sliding and tsunami hazard

Selected publications

  • Salmanidou DM, Guillas S, Georgiopoulou A, Dias F. 2017 Statistical emulation of landslide-induced tsunamis at the Rockall Bank, NE Atlantic. Proc.R.Soc.A 473: 20170026. http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rspa.2017.0026