Statistical Science


Third ISM-UCL International Research Program on Spatial Temporal Modelling from Statistical, Machine Learning and Engineering Perspectives

26 May 2015

Organizers: Gareth Peters (UCL) and Tomoko Matsui (ISM)

Date: 13-17 July 2015

Location: Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM), Tokyo, Japan

Registration Fee: No registration cost

Registration Process: Email your intention to attend to stm2015@ism.ac.jp

This year the workshop series, STM2015 (Spatial Temporal Modeling from Statistical, Machine Learning and Engineering Perspectives 2015, 13 July – 15 July) and CSM2015 (Workshop on Complex Systems Modeling and Estimation Challenges in Big Data 2015, 16 July – 17July) are partitioned into two main themes that have contributions ranging through theory, methodology and application. The topics include:

1. Heavy tailed processes and their characterizations: Levy Processes and Stable Processes – with applications in wireless communications, finance, insurance and speech.

2. Counting processes and branching processes – with applications in earthquake dynamic modelling, signal processing and speech and audio processing.

3. State space modelling and high-dimensional complex systems – with methodology and applications in signal processing, sensor networks and environmental modelling and finance and insurance.

4. Statistical machine learning methods – with applications in kernel methods and Gaussian process state space modelling.

Speakers include:

Prof. N. Azzaoui Prof. M. Maejima Dr. G.W. Peters
Mr. M. Ames Prof. K. Markov Prof. F. Septier
Dr. G. Bagnarosa Prof. T. Matsui Prof. P. Shevchenko
Prof. L. Clavier Dr. D. Murukami Prof. T. Suzuki
Prof. J.T. Chien Prof. T. Myrvoll Ms. Jin Xin
Dr. M. Egan Dr. I. Nevat Prof. Y. Yamagata
Prof. N. Ikoma Prof. Y. Ogata Prof. S. Zhou
Prof. S. Kou Prof. F. Phoa Prof. J. Zhuang