Statistical Science


2014 Bayes Pharma workshop to be held at UCL

24 January 2014


Dr Gianluca Baio is chair of the organising committee for the 2014 edition of the Bayes Pharma workshop, which will be held at UCL on June 11-13, 2014. The objective of the workshop is multi-fold. The presentation of applied case studies from clinical, non-clinical and CMC settings will introduce participants to some success stories of the Bayesian approach. This should propagate Bayesian thinking and practices within the pharmaceutical industry. More importantly, however, the workshop will emphasize the advantages of Bayesian modelling for science and business as well as offering statisticians opportunities for reorientation within the changing environment of the (bio)pharmaceutical world.

There will be 3 invited sessions:

  • Bayesian Methods in Clinical Trials: Priors from Historical Data (speakers: Beat Neuenschwander, David Dejardin, Emmanuel Lesaffre)
  • Advanced Bayesian modelling: Structural Equation Models (speaker: Peter Congdon)
  • Bayesian methods for exploratory and epidemiological analysis: Health economic evaluation (speakers: Chris Jackson, Richard Nixon, Gianluca Baio).

In addition, there will be several contributed sessions. A call for abstracts is currently open at the link below.