Statistical Science


Dr Serge Guillas awarded NERC follow-on funding to build demonstration tsunami catastrophe risk model for insurance industry

21 August 2013

Dr Serge Guillas has received £100k from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to demonstrate that a tsunami catastrophe risk model can be constructed for the Cascadia Region (British Columbia in Canada, Washington and Oregon in the USA). High resolution runs from the tsunami model VOLNA will be done on the new GPU cluster Emerald. Computationally efficient statistical representations of VOLNA through emulation will allow the quantification of the ranges of possible tsunami wave run-ups that result from the range of possible earthquake sources. This hazard model will be embedded into the catastrophe modelling platform from the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework in order to calculate losses for insurance portfolios.

The team is collaborating with Professor Frederic Dias (University College Dublin) and includes Dr Simon Day (UCL IRDR), as well as Andria Sarri (UCL IRDR & Statistical Science).