Statistical Science


Dr Serge Guillas awarded funding from UCL Business to study tsunami risk

17 January 2013

Dr Serge Guillas has received proof-of-concept funding from UCL Business to quantify tsunami risk in the Cascadia Region (British Columbia in Canada, Washington and Oregon in the USA). This study will demonstrate that probabilistic tsunami hazard assessments of high precision can be carried out for this region of interest to the insurance industry. In future, the same methodology will also be applicable to other tsunami-prone regions around the world, with results relevant to development planning and civil defence as well as to the insurance industry. The tsunami model VOLNA from University College Dublin used for this project is running on the new GPU cluster Emerald.

The team is collaborating with Professor Dias (University College Dublin) and includes Dr Simon Day (UCL Earth Sciences), as well as two PhD students in Statistics: Andria Sarri (IRDR & Statistical Science) and Xiaoyu Liu (Statistical Science).