Statistical Science


Inaugural UCL and Partners' Biostatistics Network Symposium a Success

13 December 2011

The first UCL and Partners' Biostatistics Network Symposium was held on 15th September 2011. Brief details of the symposium are given below. [13/12/11]

85 people attended this symposium, the majority from UCL and partners plus 8 participants from other institutions (including LSHTM, KCL, Imperial and Birmingham University). Additionally, there were over 20 people on the waiting list. The audience was nicely balanced among statisticians, clinicians and epidemiologists; about 55% were statisticians and the remaining 45% were almost equally split between the other two. The speakers included Professors Simon Thompson, Mike Kenward and Stephen Senn. The event was sponsored by the BRC Education Theme. Feedback for the symposium was positive, with a number of congratulatory emails received and several people expressing an interest in the possibility of it being held annually. Dr Mario Cortina Borja of UCL/ICH has offered to organise the symposium next year.