Statistical Science


Professor Sofia Olhede an invited panelist at Future of Statistical Sciences Workshop

12 November 2013

Professor Sofia Olhede is an invited panelist at the Future of Statistical Sciences Workshop taking place on 11-12 November 2013 in London as part of the International Year of Statistics. The year is organized by the American Statistical Association, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, the International Biometric Society, the International Statistical Institute (and the Bernoulli Society), and the Royal Statistical Society.

The workshop - the second of its kind - will result in a document establishing the future directions and role of statistics. Invited participants come from all continents and range from applied to theoretical statisticians. Professor Olhede, with Marie Davidian (President of the American Statistical Association and William Neal Reynolds Professor of Statistics at North Carolina State) and Sandrine Dudoit (University of California, Berkeley) will be discussing the relationship between statistics and the rest of science.

To read more about the workshop, vist the link below.