Statistical Science


Dr Gareth Peters co-organises NIES-ISM-UCL International Global Carbon Project (GCP) workshop

1 June 2016


Exploring Interfaces between Financial and Climate Risk Modellings towards Climate Resilient Cities

Organizers: Prof. Yoshiki Yamagata, Dr. Ayyoob Sharifi and Dr. Murakami Daisuke of the National Institute of Environmental Studies (NIES), Tskuba, Japan; Dr. Gareth Peters (UCL); and Prof. Tomoko Matsui of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM)

Date: 24-25 July 2016

Location: National Institute of Environmental Studies, Tskuba, Japan

Specific topics of focus for discussions will include:

  • Emissions Markets such as CO2 markets.
  • Green Bonds and other Green Financing Initiatives.
  • Urban Risk and Insurance (Catastrophe Bonds and Climate Related Insurance).
  • Monitoring, Reporting and verification with Sensor Networks.