Statistical Science


Professor Gianluca Baio to join the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator Technical Sub-Group

23 October 2018

Professor Baio will join the technical sub-group tasked by the NHS Medical Director to review the statistical and methodological aspects related to the use of the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI). SHMI is used to compare the actual number of patients who die following hospitalisation at a trust with the number that would be expected to die on the basis of average England figures, given the characteristics of the patients treated there. For any given number of expected deaths, a range of observed deaths is considered to be ‘as expected’.  If the observed number of deaths falls outside of this range, the trust in question is considered to have a higher or lower SHMI than expected.  The SHMI includes deaths which occurred in hospital or within 30 days of discharge and is calculated using Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data linked to Office for National Statistics (ONS) death registrations data.