Statistical Science


Dr Omar Rivasplata

PositionSenior Research Fellow
Phone (external)02031084611
Phone (internal)54611
Email (@ucl.ac.uk)o.rivasplata
Personal webpagehttps://www.homepages.ucl.ac.uk/~ucabriv/
ThemesGeneral Theory and Methodology, Multivariate and High Dimensional Data.

Biographical Details

Before my current post I was at UCL Mathematics for a few months, and previously I was at UCL Computer Science for a few years, where I did research studies (machine learning) sponsored by DeepMind and in parallel I was a research scientist intern at DeepMind for three years.

Back in the day I studied undergraduate maths (BSc 2000, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) and graduate maths (MSc 2005, PhD 2012, University of Alberta).

I've lived in Peru, in Canada, and now I'm based in the UK.

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, PAC-Bayes bounds, Probability & Statistics.

Selected publications

  • I. Kuzborskij, Cs. Szepesvári, O. Rivasplata, A. Rannen-Triki, R. Pascanu, On the Role of Optimization in Double Descent: A Least Squares Study. NeurIPS 2021. arXiv PDF
  • M. Pérez-Ortiz, O. Rivasplata, J. Shawe-Taylor, Cs. Szepesvári, Tighter risk certificates for neural networks. JMLR, 22, 227 (2021), 1-40. PDF / revised PDF / published PDF
  • M. Haddouche, B. Guedj, O. Rivasplata, J. Shawe-Taylor, PAC-Bayes unleashed: generalisation bounds with unbounded losses. Entropy, 23, 10 (2021). arXiv PDF published PDF
  • L. Orseau, M. Hutter, O. Rivasplata, Logarithmic pruning is all you need. NeurIPS 2020 . PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, I. Kuzborskij, Cs. Szepesvári, J. Shawe-Taylor, PAC-Bayes analysis beyond the usual bounds. NeurIPS 2020PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, E. Parrado-Hernández, J. Shawe-Taylor, S. Sun, Cs. Szepesvári, PAC-Bayes bounds for stable algorithms with instance-dependent priors. NeurIPS 2018PDF
  • A.E. Litvak, O. Rivasplata, Smallest singular value of sparse random matrices. Studia Math., 212, 3 (2012), 195-218. PDF

Complete list of publication can be found on the personal webpage.