Safely store my research data

The Research Data Storage service is for storing and sharing research data during the active phase of a research project.

Before you start

You will need your UCL user ID and Password.  

The research data storage service follows a project-based approach. You need to provide the following information about your research project:  

  • A project title that is likely to be unique to your project. A title such as “neuroscience” will not distinguish your project from others. 
  • A brief description of the project (you can use the abstract from your grant application if you have one)  
  • A list of administrators you authorise to make decisions about the storage (e.g. adding and removing members). 
  • A list of the project members (other than yourself and the optional administrators).  
  • Start and end dates for your project.  
  • The volume of storage you expect to need in terabytes. This is an upper limit. If you expect to use less than 1TB, enter 1.  
  • Details of any grants that fund the project.

There is a charge for storage above a free quota of 5TB. Please read the service support page for details.

You can apply for an account on our Research Data Storage service page.

Once you have an account, you can:

  • mount your storage on your computer 
  • upload your research data 
  • control access for project members 
  • manage your usage and quota 
  • access research data storage from other platforms