Report an accident, injury or acute illness

If you are injured at work or witness an incident, you must report it as soon as possible. Follow this guidance on how to report an incident. 

Before you start

You will need full details about the incident, including: 

  • who was involved;
  • what happened;
  • when it happened;
  • where it happened (exact location); and
  • actions taken at the scene.

You will also need your UCL user ID and password to log into riskNET.

If you are injured at work, or you witness an incident, it is critical that you report it at the earliest opportunity. 

If you have experienced or witnessed any of the following: 

  • work related injury;
  • recreational/sport accident on UCL premises;
  • road traffic accident while travelling on UCL business or in a UCL vehicle; or
  • acute onset of illness while at work (not including minor illnesses such as colds);

Please log the incident on riskNET. RiskNET is an IT system for helping departments manage their safety responsibilities.