Nominate a research scholarship applicant

Faculties, departments, divisions or institutes who are eligible to nominate (nominating units) can put forward candidates for research scholarships.  

Before you start

​​​​​Nominating units can put forward candidates for the following scholarships:

The deadline for submitting nominations is 4pm on Friday 28 January 2022.

Any candidate you nominate should be offered admission to UCL by the time of the selection meeting (1st week of March). 

You must:

  • Check whether your department counts as a nominating unit. 
  • Make sure that any applicant you put forward has chosen UCL as their first choice.
  • Submit your top 2 applicants (across the GRS, ORS and CSC schemes) in ranked order. (If you’d also like to nominate a student for one of the five UCL-CSC Research Scholarships, you may submit 3 nominations instead of 2. This additional nomination must be ranked with the other nominations).  
  • Make sure you follow the instructions below carefully. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be considered for funding. 

Please note: For programmes who have been given International Scholar Awards for Doctoral Training Centres (ISAD) allocations, students should be awarded via this scheme rather than the ORS scheme. Please do not nominate students that will be eligible to receive the ISAD award. If you are unsure if a programme is eligible for ISAD allocations, please contact Elizabeth Halton in the Doctoral School at e.halton@ucl.ac.uk

1. Make sure you’re aware of what applicants need to submit

Review the list of documents applicants have been asked to submit.

2. Fill in the relevant section of one applicant’s Research Scholarship cover sheet

The final section of the cover sheet is for nominating units to fill in. 

3. Add the applicant’s other documents to the PDF

You can either create a single pdf or print all the documents and then scan them into one PDF. 


4. Make sure all the pages of the PDF are in the correct order

You should have all the application materials for one student in a single PDF document. Re-arrange the pages in the correct order if necessary. 

5. Do steps 2 to 4 for your other applicant(s)

Each applicant should have a separate PDF containing all the documents for their application.  

6. Send your nominations to the Student Funding Office

You’ll need to send your nominations via our new Microsoft Form (link below). The deadline is 4pm on Friday 29th January 2022

7. Notification of results

The Student Funding Office will notify departments, successful candidates and reserve candidates of the results by the week of 7 March 2022.