Make an annual declaration of interests

This guide tells you how to submit an annual declaration of interests. Senior staff must submit a declaration every year, even if their interests have not changed or they have no interests to declare.

Before you start

You must submit an annual declaration if you are: 

  • Head of a division or department;
  • someone with a delegated authorisation limit of £75k or above;
  • a grade 10 or above;
  • the Provost or a Vice-Provost;
  • a member of the Provost’s senior management team;
  • the Chief Operating Officer; 
  • a director of a subsidiary company of UCL.

You’ll need to be logged into the VPN or remote desktop if not on campus.

You may find it helpful to download the user guide and have it open while you make your declaration.

For information on what needs to be declared, read the policy and guidance.

1. Access the system

Access the ‘UCL Manage Conflicts and Declare Interests’ system.

2. Declare an interest

Enter details about your interests, or record ‘nothing to declare’. Repeat the steps below for each interest you have to declare.