Adding a scholarship to the UCL's Scholarship Finder

This guide is for UCL departments and faculties who want to add a scholarship to UCL’s Scholarship Finder page. This page has over 30,000 hits per month. The information on the finder filters through to the online prospectus and international student pages. 

Before you start

Make sure: 

  • You’ve created a webpage for your scholarship to link to the finder 
  • The scholarship is worth over £1000 
  • The scholarship is administered by your faculty / department 

Fill out the scholarship finder submission form

The Student Funding Office will review your form and add your information to UCL's Scholarship Finder page www.ucl.ac.uk/scholarships/scholarships-finder

Please note if your scholarship runs over more than one academic year you will need to submit the form for each academic year. For more advice you can contact sfostaffenquiries@ucl.ac.uk