Supporting students in financial need

UCL’s community is pulling together to support our students in financial difficulty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
In recognition of the fact that the financial implications of the pandemic are unprecedented and far-reaching, I have volunteered to take a pay reduction of 20% of my salary. This money will be donated to UCL’s Staff Giving for Student Support Fund, to help our students in greatest need and protect our core funding for staff.

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Professor Michael Arthur, UCL’s President and Provost
Professor Michael Arthur, UCL’s President and Provost


We know that many students are experiencing severe financial hardship this year with their studies, work and home lives turned upside down by the pandemic. The situation for some is so critical, that they are being forced to consider leaving UCL due to the difficulties they are facing.

Colleagues have been doing so much to support our students already and some have asked how else they can help our students at this challenging time. In response, we have set up the UCL Staff Giving for Student Support Fund for those students hit hardest by the crisis.

Earlier this year, the Provost committed to donating 20% of his salary to the fund. Now we’re inviting staff to come together and contribute a percentage of your salary to help our students facing financial hardship, if you can. You can choose to give as little or as much as you want and every penny will go directly to students in need – especially those who may be forced to consider leaving UCL and prospective students who might not be able to study with us, due to their financial situation.

Support will be available for both new students and those currently enrolled at UCL. Special consideration will be given to ensure support is available for priority groups, including students from low-income families and BAME backgrounds, disabled students, and those with experience of care or homelessness.

Whether you choose to contribute monthly or make a one-off donation; it’s up to you. It’s easy to do via our online form. Please consider allowing us to claim Gift Aid on your donation to increase the value of your contribution by 25% at no extra cost to you.

As a member of our staff community, you will know the huge difference that gifts to support UCL’s students can make. By contributing, you will be providing a lifeline for those who find themselves facing financial hardship, giving them peace of mind and the confidence to continue their studies at UCL.

Should you choose to make a monthly gift, the first donation will be collected by Direct Debit in October.

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If you have any questions about the scheme, please email UCL’s Alumni & Supporter Care team at advancement@ucl.ac.uk and they will be happy to help.