FAQs for External Customers

Supplier Invoices

What do the Accounts Payable team do?

Accounts Payable deals with processing and payment of supplier invoices and expense payments for the whole of UCL; foreign payments; setting up new suppliers; purchase ledger control; approval of orders over £50K and assessment of applications for self-employment status

How are invoices processed at UCL?

UCL operate a 'no purchase order, no pay' policy for invoice payment, see further information on invoice types and process.

What is the validation process for the invoice when it is received in AP?

AP will enter the invoice, match to the relevant PO and approve for payment.  If the order has been receipted and the price matches the PO within tolerance (5% or £50, whichever is lower), the invoice will be paid according to the payment terms. Suppliers are set up with 30 day terms as standard.

What happens if AP receives an invoice without a PO number?

AP will return it to the supplier.

What happens if AP receives a duplicate invoice?

All delivery charges should be included on the PO.  If not and under £50, AP will enter an extra distribution line using the code(s) from the PO and pay the invoice.  If over £50 the PO buyer will be informed and they will need to raise another PO to match to the delivery charges on the invoice.

What happens if extra items are included on the invoice that were not included on the original PO?

All items should be on the PO.  If not the PO buyer will be informed and they will need to raise another PO to match to the extra lines on the invoice.

How does the New Supplier process work?

Please see information on New Supplier Requests

Who will deal with supplier queries?

This depends on what the query is, i.e. if the query is regarding when an invoice will be paid, AP will deal with the query, if it is a question regarding an order received, suppliers' will be directed to the relevant person in the department.

How are foreign currency invoices processed?

Foreign currency invoices and invoices to be paid in GBP to a foreign bank are processed in exactly the same way as those for UK banks.

Credit Control

What do the Credit Control team do?

The credit control team is responsible for the collection of Research, General and NHS debts (excluding tuition fees and residence) reducing to a minimum the College’s exposure to bad debts, Customer Setups / Amendments, Run credit checks, Liaise with internal and external stake holders regarding queries, abatements and any other issues that might arise. Code and allocate income, Post receipts, Bank cheques, Process sales ledger adjustments, Reconciliation foreign bank accounts related to research income, Prepare Annual statements, Provide help and support to departments in relation to the accounts receivable module, Raise invoices for research councils profile payments received on quarterly basis and Monthly and ad-hoc debtors position reporting.

What is the credit approval process?


Where can I find New Customer Account set-up forms and Customer Amendment Forms?


What is the policy for Credit Control Research - Sponsor Credit checking?


Student Fees

What do the Student Fees team do?

The Student Fees team administer the setting of tuition fees, generate and collect fees from students and sponsors, record all fee income, chase debtors and apply sanctions in line with policy and administer fee refunds. Please note students should visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/students/fees-and-funding as the primary source of information for students and staff wanting to understand fee levels and processes behind fees.